Enter Stacks, a visual asset consulting team that helps brands and organizations organize their photos, videos, design files and more. This team goes into organizations, uncovers their inefficiencies, duplicated costs and time wasters, and helps them build a visual asset management strategy that will save them time and money.

Watch the webinar and learn: 

  • How the Stacks team uncovered that, on average, the cost of inefficiency with visual assets is $120,000 per year
  • Tips and best practices for how to manage your visual content (and how to avoid wasting 30% of your time with inefficient processes) 
  • The ROI of getting organized 

Watch now!



David Welker,
Libris Account Executive & Professional Photographer

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LIVE WEBINAR: Wednesday, April 21 / 2pm ET

The Biggest Problem Facing Corporate Creative Teams (and How to Fix It)
PhotoShelter Visual Storytelling Webinar

Photo by Casey Templeton


The Case for Getting Organized 

Today, brands and organizations across industries are acting like media companies. No matter your business, you have to use stunning visual content to catch your audience’s attention. 

But this uptick in the demand for photos, videos and other creative assets presents a major problem: most communications teams don’t have an efficient way of managing all that content. 


Robert Boag has over a decade of experience helping institutions develop strong visual identities and multimedia asset libraries. Robert’s specialty is in the non-profit and higher education worlds.

Casey Templeton has been working closely with international clients for nearly 15 years. His passion for visuals goes far beyond photography and it was his hyper-focus on content organization that lead him to founding Stacks, LLC.