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"Libris is the most efficient, full-featured system out there. It removes any hassle or hand-holding from the job, and frees me up to better service my team."

Erin Herbert, Digital Media Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens


"We rely on Libris as the backbone to our archive, image delivery, and web presence. Its ease of use, searchability, and capacity for distributing images has made it indispensable to us and our clients."

Alonso Nichols, Assistant Director and Staff Photographer, Tufts University


LIVE WEBINAR: Wednesday, April 21 / 2pm ET

2018 Report:
Engaging Your Audience
with Visual Content

70% of marketers say their results are better with visual content, but how do creative professionals keep up with a constant need for photos and videos? What are their biggest challenges?

To tackle this, Libris partnered with Contently for the 2018 Report: Engaging Your Audience with Visual Content. The report digs into results from a 2018 survey to hundreds of marketing professionals.

Inside, get answers to questions like:

  • What type of visual content drives the most engagement?

  • What are the biggest challenges in getting content out quickly? 

  • Do brands have a greater need for photos or videos?

  • Which brands and influencers inspire marketers most? 

Download the Report

Learn how marketers are navigating a growing demand for visual storytelling. 

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LIVE WEBINAR: Wednesday, April 21 / 2pm ET

2018 Report:
Engaging Your Audience
with Visual Content