Working from home is hard enough for anyone, but for a creative person, working from a tiny apartment or one quiet room in your house can be especially stifling. 

Ironically, as teams across the country start to work remotely, one phrase keeps coming up over and over again: “we’ll have to get creative.” 

But how do you get creative when you’re a university photographer, and your campus is empty? When you manage social media for a sports team, and no one’s playing the game? Or when you have a great idea for a video project, and you have limited space and resources in your “home office” (which for us New Yorkers may be a one-room apartment)? 

As creatives, we need to stick together. We asked you for your hacks to boost creativity - even when you’re separated from your team and working in a new (slightly less inspiring) environment. 

Join PhotoShelter Marketing’s Kristin Twiford, Yoav Guttman, and Jeremy Berkowitz for 16 Remote Creativity Hacks You Can Start Using This Week. We’ll share your amazing responses, and you’ll walk away feeling inspired! 



David Welker,
Libris Account Executive & Professional Photographer

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  16 Remote Creativity Hacks 
 You Can Start Using This Week

Photo courtesy of Alexander Monelli, Franklin & Marshall.