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One Day At A Time: 14 Steps Toward a Mindful Visual Content Workflow is a 14 day email course to help visual storytellers, marketers, photographers, and other creatives improve their workflow.

It was really quick for me to get this up and running. I had planned on a 6 month migration from one system to a new system, and I did the bulk of the migration from WebDAM to Libris in a week. I moved almost 40,000 images in a week to get the system up and running.

Dave Barrera, Developer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 

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Every morning you will receive an email with a small step you can take that day to work smarter and faster in the long run.
If you complete all the steps, you will find that your visual content workflow is simpler and easier, because you've developed habits to keep your assets organized, accessible and more.