LIVE WEBINAR: Wednesday, April 21 / 2pm ET

What Marketers Should Know
About Visual Content in 2018

Get inspired in less than 30 minutes!

When it comes to engaging your audience online, visual content is a must. So how are marketers keeping up with the constant demand for photos and videos today? What are their biggest challenges?

Hundreds of marketing professionals provided insights to these questions and more in Libris by PhotoShelter’s 2018 Report: Engaging Your Audience with Visual Content.

Join us for a lightning-fast walkthrough of major takeaways from the report. You will discover:

  • Why speed in locating and sharing visuals matters more today than ever — plus examples of organizations succeeding with real-time storytelling. 
  • The visual asset marketers need more so than photography. 
  • How often brands are sharing visual content, and if that’s even enough. 

You’ll walk away with tons of inspiration from organizations who are doing exciting things with visual storytelling — after just 30 minutes.


Deborah Block,
Earned Media Manager


Kristin Twiford,
Content Marketing Manager

Photo by Scott Dickson

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