Digitizing your photos. Managing them in an online cloud-based photo library.
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Fast Upload
Use various upload methods to collect assets from multiple contributors across locations.

Phone: 212 206 0808

Phone: 212 206 0808


Centralize Your Assets
Move all your company’s images and video from disparate sources into a single, cloud-based archive.

Speed Up Your Process
Add thousands of assets the same day. Have third parties upload deliverables directly into Libris. Use keywords & search quickly.

Manage User Roles
Use custom roles within Libris to provide the appropriate access and permission to your stakeholders.

Optimize Workflows
Streamline the process across every stage of your visual asset management.

Leverage Your Assets
Turn your image and video library into valuable brand assets by being able to quickly access and share them.

Engage Your Customers
Use visual assets to speak today’s visual language with a consistent and approved media library.

In a 30 minute demo we'll walk you through the basic Libris functionality and show how it benefits you.

Easy Organization
Organize your assets with folder structures and metadata, mixing and matching unlimited file formats.

Effortles Access
Set view and download permissions to make your assets accessible for stakeholders on a self-serve basis.

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